Body Cheetah – Crazy Wisdom HD VIDEO

Body Cheetah – Crazy Wisdom LYRICS

.See it in the eagle flying
See it in a snowflake falling
Feel the wind right through your hair
Now take a bow and have your share
See it in the children playing
See it in a steam of laughter
Memories might fade away
Let’s celebrate a brand new day
cause life will call out and sing
Life makes it hard not to believe
*And why should everybody need to know
every single why and how
Got no other, need no other
means to carry on
See it in the evening colours
See it in the open wheatfield
Swaying softly in the breeze
With all the grace and all the ease
See it in that crazy moment
When all is one and one is all
It’s everywhere you’ll ever go
It’s everything you’ll ever know
cause life will call out and sing
life makes it hard not to believe

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