bromheads jacket – turn me on HD VIDEO

bromheads jacket – turn me on LYRICS

oh you turn me on
oh you turn me on
oh you turn me on
i’ll be stuck in your mind you won’t be able to turn me off.

i like to think i’ve got you in my palm
got you in my hand
got you under my control

you love just to turn me on
love to make me glow
not in the middle of the night, though

i’ve got you right under my spell
got you deep in my soul
and i would ever let you go

you and me, we were meant to be
just like milk and tea
baby you set me free.

chorus 2x

our journey definitely advanced
like from England to France
i’ve got you in a trance.

your friends, they can hardly believe
about you and me
but we no longer need them, though

now i’m forever we’ve got each other
just like sister and brother
can’t be moved from one another

not sure if you think this is a recession
you’re under deception
i’m your obsession

chorus 4x

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