Chevonne – My Menorah HD VIDEO

Chevonne – My Menorah LYRICS

my menorah lyrics
(spoken) Baby, you got my heart racing. Haven’t felt this way since my Bat Mitzvah day. Now I’m a woman, ready for a Festival of Nights. I’ll hot oil you up and dance like a whore-a. You might think this is a one-night stand, but I’mma make it last for 8…at least…

I’m feeling cold this winter
In the dark romantically
Christmas was okay this year, but Hanukkah’s lonely
Every night I spin my dreidel
But I’m never satisfied
I need Jew in my life

Just like my menorah
You light me up for 8 days at a time
Boy you’re fine
So adorable
I might just have to make you mine
We be drinkin that Manischewitz wine and fallin in love

Ooh, I confess
I kind of have a type
A tender Jew just like you is something I can’t deny
My Jewish mama, she would love you
This could be our destiny
The miracle of you and me, baby


I think that you’re gonna change me
I feel like I might be saved
This could be something that lasts forever
Cancel your J-Date
We’re gonna make it


Just like my menorah
I’m givin’ you more and more and more of me
I think I need you
You got me on the floor I’m beggin
Stay with me
We be drinkin that Manischewitz wine and fallin in love…

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