Dj Project – Hotel HD VIDEO

Dj Project – Hotel LYRICS

Tu ai fost primul vers || You were the first verse
Propriul meu univers || My own universe (?)
Imi gaseam alinarea in tine || I found comfort in you
Dar ai vrut sa ma vezi || But you wanted to see me
Doar in noptiile reci || Only in cold nights
Doar cand tu ai nevoie de mine || Only when you needed me

(II)Tu ai fost primul pas || You were the first step
Mi-ar fi greu sa te las || It would be hard for me to leave you (?)
Astazi totul depinde de tine || Today everything depends on you
Daca tie tie greu || [no idea about this part…]
Ce-as putea spune eu || What can I say (?)
Toate noptiile stau marturie || ???

Ref. Inima mea e ca un hotel || My heart is like a hotel
Din cand in cand te opresti la mine || From time to time you stay at me
M-am saturat vreau sa pleci din el || …., I want to leave it
Vreau tot sau nimic de maine || I want everything or nothing (since) tomorrow

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