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I'm So Gamer
I'm So TV
I like Pac Man

I'm so Tetris
I'm so Smallville
Super Mario

Dawson's Creek was lame.
Metal Gear is fly.
Will you play me Digimon?
I'm a gamer till I die.

Power Rangers in Space
Put a smile on my face
No one will take it's place
VR Troopers are a disgrace.

Sit back and watch the master
I beat Grand Theft Auto 4 five zillion times.
Screw having a real life, or friends.
The TV has completely consumed my mind.

Resident Evil

Silent Hill

Ape Escape

Ooh what a thrill.

Ooh what a thrill.

Welcome to my world,
Sit with me on my sofa,
I got a bucket for pooping,
So I don't miss a second of opera.

People lie about TV,
They say it's bad for you too.
My eyes are not that bad,
Marco… where are you? …Polo?

Final Fantasy 7 has no competition,
The fans demand a remake, but Square won't listen,
Metal Gear Solid 4 was the final edition,
Hideo Kojima decided to make it Snake's final mission.

No one can contest me,
In SmackDown I'll teach your ass a lesson,
Play me online, my true friends are there,
Gamers have no rage, gaming consumes any aggression.

First Person Shooters are a gift to humanity,
They complete our fantasy, soothe our reality.
Killings ok when it's just a game,
Screw you Jack, Your philosophy is insane.

Family Guy, American Dad, South Park, Robot Chicken, Venture Bros, Full Metal Alchemist,
Bleach, The Getbackers, Devil May Cry, Soul Caliber, Tekken, The Darkness, Dynasty Warriors, Metal Gear… Metal Gear… Metal Gear.

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