Jessica Mauboy – Because HD VIDEO

Jessica Mauboy – Because LYRICS

I waited for so long, you showed me you were the one,
I gave you my heart, right from the very start so,
Every time you lied, I knew inside
Get another chance, I was hurting, I was broken
I stayed to long and so that’s why, you didn’t think that I knew wrong

It’s all because, I loved you, (because) I held you, (because) I believed you,
You’re not what I needed, (because) I’m stronger,
(Because) I’m better, (because) without ya, you’d thought I’d be in pieces,
Because, because, I loved ya, (because) I loved ya, (because) I loved ya

You gave me, just one thing, for taking from the beginning
You left me, a heart ache, how much more could I take,
With every alibi, that made me cry, I still gave you more,
I should’ve given up, when I had had enough,
But I stayed to long, that’s why, you didn’t think that I knew wrong,


I made a mistake of giving me to you,
I made a mistake of loving you, x4

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