Video "What I've Done" – Linkin Park 


Letra "What I've Done" – Linkin Park LYRICS 

  In this farewell  There’s no blood  There’s no alibi  ‘Cause I’ve drawn regret  From the truth  Of a thousand lies    [Pre-Chorus:]  So let mercy come  And wash away  What I’ve done    [Chorus:]  I'll face myself  To cross out what i’ve become  Erase myself  And let go of what i’ve done    Put to rest  What you thought of me  While I clean this slate  With the hands of uncertainty    [Pre-Chorus]    [Chorus]    For what I’ve done  I start again  And whatever pain may come  Today this ends  I’m forgiving what I’ve done!!!    [Chorus]    What I’ve done  Forgiving what I’ve done

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