Lexi St. George – Dancing to the Rhythm HD VIDEO

Lexi St. George – Dancing to the Rhythm LYRICS

Dancing to The Rhythm

Step out on the floor
Cause I'm ready for more
The DJ keeps playing my song

Gonna push send
Text all my friends
And tell them what I'm thinking of

Everyone is here and I am having so much fun
I hear the sound and then you know I'm gonna sing along
Lose yourself this is the moment you've been waiting for

Don't speak
The Music's gonna say it for you
Don't be
Shy just take a chance
come on come on

Everybody's feeling the beat
dancing to the rhythm with me


enough of the talk
now we're ready to rock
put your hands in the air and say yeah

get into the groove
cause it's making you move
don't deny it
you know it's allright


this part is such a rush
the stars are up on the ceiling shining down on us
this time don't ever wanna stop
even if we're dreaming


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