"Pieces" – The Bridges LYRICS

Time isn't telling me a thing
it's playing with my heart
I'm tearing at the seams

You on the other hand
Choosing words to understand
It's old, I'm sure you know how…

We always find ourselves in
The deepest corner of the darkest hour
We can't get much louder than this
We always lose our hearts in the strangest places
Picking up the pieces we break

I just won't tell you 'bout it

Love isn't costing me a thing
You're hearing what you want
You want me so it seems

Time is the risk we take
Holding on for one mistake
Let go, I'm sure you know how…

I just won't tell you 'bout it
(I won't tell you)

(Boy, you know how you always)
Oh, break it like you mean it
(You always say)
Boy, say it like you've said it before
(Boy, you know how)
You're just in time to make a mistake
Had all the time i can take

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