Ricki Lee – Cant Touch It HD VIDEO

Ricki Lee – Cant Touch It LYRICS

Verse 1
now now now now(2)
just passed 11’o clock
roll up in the club gonna rock the spot
girls out bubbling up
boys take a look
see what you can’t touch
seven jeans and a prada bag
6 inch heels, how you liking that
he’s working it out, he’s turking it out
not gonna doe round, go round

i can feel the base like jumping
watch out there’s my song
baby, let me see your hands up in the air
ladies, show em what cha got shake it all around yeah yeah
hey ho, you wanna little of this
you want a little, want a little of this
hey ho
you wanna little of this
you wanna little, little of this
you boys who think, who think you got it
can’t, can’t, can’t, can’t touch it

Verse 2
ooo oh
i’m not what you think i am
you ain’t gonna get what you think you can
oh no, you aint the man
you might be fine, but i don’t give a damn
cos im here with my girls and i
no strings attached no guys are cry
i’m gonna let my hair down get out of the town
dj’s turning it up nice an loud

chorus x2

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