Stephanie McIntosh – Mistake HD VIDEO

Stephanie McIntosh – Mistake LYRICS

Rushing, way too fast,
Why do I always do it?
Thinking this might last,
How could I be so stupid?
But this time,
I’m not OK, no,
I need to breathe again,
‘Cause I don’t want to

I don’t want to make
Another mistake like you
And I don’t want to hate
But love doesn’t get me through
‘Cause I can’t be alone again
No I don’t want to make
Another mistake like you

Stone cold and hurt inside,
Not what I wanted to be
I don’t sleep,
It’s kind Of hard when you cry,
Yeah thats where you left me,
But this time,
It’s not alright, no,
I need to find someone,
Cause I don’t want to


Don’t want to be caught in the moment,
that never comes,
is it too much to ask,
that real love will find me,
I won’t get stung, I’ll find the one but,

[Chorus x2)]

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