Storm – Time To Burn HD VIDEO

Storm – Time To Burn LYRICS

Fear of the dark tears me apart
won’t leave me alone and time keeps running out
Just one more life, I’m so sick and tired
of singing the blues, I should turn my life around
Tell me why do I feel this way
all my life I`ve been standing on the borderline
too many bridges burned
too many lies I’ve heard
I had life but I can’t go back
I can’t do that, it will never be the same again
and I know I don’t
have any time burn
they follow me home, disturbing my sleep
but I’ll find a place, place where they cannot find me
maybe I’m lost, and maybe I’m scared
but too many times I’ve closed the doors behind me
Tell me why..
leave it all behind
cross the borderline
face the truth, don’t have any time to…
don’t have any time to burn
Tell me why..

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