Waldo’s People – Lose Control LYRICS

I got this panic emotion that I cannot describe to you
My world is tumbelling down what am I, what am I gonna do
Ca-can't deny it, deny it, what am I going through
Ca-can not fight it, can fight it, now I'm looking for the truth

I don't wanna live a lie – Checking on my sanity
'Cause maybe baby I can do without – Is it all a fantasy
I don't wanna live a lie – Is this my reality
It's spinning round 'n' round day and night

I don't wanna lose control, but I'm falling
I just can't believe it
Never thought that I would be the one
Falling down

I'm on a critical mission, got my destiny in my hands
Like Peter Piper I take control put a spell on the mass
I cause hysteria, worry yourself, that's how I roll
It's not a drill, I'm for real, I'm a man who's out of control


refrain2 (2x)

I'm falling, I'm falling
I just can't believe it
I'm falling, I'm falling down

refrain2 (2x)

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