Wassabi – Don’t Go Baby HD VIDEO

Wassabi – Don’t Go Baby LYRICS

str 1:
don't wanna loose my mind
here me out you're what i want baby
don't wanna fight and cry
do u feel the way i do
i can not loose your eyes
i can not explain to you baby
how can i feel the way i feel

don't go baby never give up
you're the reason why i'm here to stay
lovin'you is never enough
don't go baby never give up
lovin'you is never enough
without you i won't last another day

str 2:
i'm here for loving you
here me out u're what i want baby
i wanna grow old with you
do you feel the way i do
makin'my dreams come true
your lovin'is so beautiful baby
i wanna spend my life with you


such a beautiful filling
i can finnaly breathe in
all your love
don't you be on denial
can't you see i'm on fïre
for you're love

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